Aqua Fitness is one of the latest fitness trends in Europe in US. Countless people worldwide have transformed their bodies and improved their fitness conditions thanks to water exercise. People who have never exercised suddenly get hooked just after a few aqua fitness training sessions. Athletes enjoy a new efficient cross training. People in rehabilitation programmes see an alternative way to recover fast. Men and women can enjoy new exciting challenges as they splash their way to a fitter body!

  1. Work Harder, burn more up to 800 calories and lose weight faster in water

Water density is almost 1,000 times more than air density and the resistance in water is 12 times higher than on land. You burn more calories and get fit faster. It is the perfect environment for people preparing marathon or triathlon as they can push their performance to the next level with less risk of injury.

  1. Improve your cardiovascular system

The Hydrostatic Pressure reduces training heart rate in water about 10 -15 beats per minute for a given workload without losing cardiovascular or aerobic training effects. HP assists participants to exercise more vigorously with less strain on the cardiovascular system.

  1. Improve blood circulation

The massage provided by the water provides an active aquatic drainage serves to strengthen the vein network and to address various needs (health, aesthetics and physical fitness). The hydrostatic pressure helps the blood return to the heart, causing it to work more efficiently under less pressure. The water surrounding the body helps circulate blood from the legs to the heart while reducing swelling.

  1. Protect your joints and back

Training in water is a low impact workout. Thanks to buoyancy, water based exercise reduces body weight by about 80% when immersed to the chest level, and 50% when at waist level which alleviates stress on joints and the supporting tissues.

  1. Improve balance and coordination

The Turbulence of water creates an unstable environment, encouraging the core muscles of the body to become stronger to maintain correct position and posture. It helps improve balance and coordination, which may be impaired after injury or illness.

  1. Fight effectively against cellulite and water retention

Pedaling underwater generates a constant whirlpool massage, which breaks down the orange peel. The hydrostatic pressure creates a drainage effect to mobilize the fat and eliminates it in the circulation.

  1. Enhance your strength and flexibility

Resistance improves strength of weakened muscles. Viscosity of water means you create an equal amount of resistance in all planes of motion and all your muscles groups will get a good workout. While gravity allows you to strengthen only one muscle group at a time when you exercise on land, water allows you to work several muscles group at a time and create a better balance between muscles groups. The buoyancy of water allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion than you could on land.

  1. Get no soreness

There’s no next-day soreness when you work in the water. Blood lactate removal more efficient in water than on land. The massage provided by water relaxes your muscles.

  1. Enjoy the cooling effect of water

Water conducts heat approximately 25 times faster than air and creates a cool, comfortable workout environment. The heart does not have to work at keeping the body cool, instead it works to enable the workout to continue. It promotes healing and relaxation and reduce joint/muscle stiffness.

  1. Sleep Better

Exercise in general has been proven to improve sleep patterns. However, aquatic exercise does even better due to the specific properties of the aquatic environment and their impact on the systems of the human body. Body massage, low impact exercises, improved blood circulation, enhanced muscle conditioning all contribute to a better sleep!

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