We Bring Innovation and New Experiences to your Pool!

Be Aqua is the exclusive distributor of innovative aqua fitness equipment and swimming pool connected devices for private individuals and professionals in South East Asia.

Our goal is to bring more people into the pool, swimmers and non swimmers, and make them discover the power and benefits of water. We transform the way people workout, swim, recover and have fun in the pool.

Why Be Aqua?

Leader in the Market

Be Aqua is the leader in the aqua fitness market in South East Asia. Prestigious clients (condos, hotels, swimming complexes, fitness centres, etc.)  have selected our high quality products and appreciate our experience and client support.


We bring innovative products for swimming pool in South East Asia. Our client discover a new exciting way to enjoy their swimming pool and we create new experiences for their customers.


At Be Aqua, we are committed to improve people wellbeing and health through innovative water-based fitness solutions while ensuring a fun and unique experience to the participants.

Best Quality Aqua Fitness Equipment

We have tested and selected the best aqua fitness equipment from the market. Our equipment are made in Italy, France or US and require low to no maintenance. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for internationally recognized brands: Hydrorider, Acquapole, Velaqua, Swimbot, Seal SwimSafe.

Customized Business Solutions

We offer customized aqua fitness solutions with extended services: product selection, door to door delivery, training courses, marketing support, etc. Based on your needs, we work with you on the best business case to maximize your benefits.

Aqua Fitness Certification Course

We conduct international aqua fitness certification courses to train fitness instructors on the safe and effective use of our aqua fitness equipment. We also conduct aqua fitness workshops to develop new skills on specific techniques, equipment, special populations, etc.