Acquapole® is the innovative aquatic piece of equipment composed of a POLE and a BASE , designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, in 2010, by Monica Spagnuolo.
Who said that Acquapole® is only for female users? Insert the Boxing Bag, T-trainer or Elastic accessories, Acquapole® transforms into a multifunctional aquatic workstation, providing a super-workout and always very, very fun! More than 150 exercises can be done with this exciting aquatic equipment and the accessories.

What is the Acquapole® Method?

The Acquapole® Method was developed on the basis of the following principles:

  • Constantly search for the correct posture
  • Use of water not only for resistance but also as a support
  • Full-body workout in each session
  • Fun workout with a lot of new positions and exercises at every Acquapole® classes

What does it do?

By lifting the body, the buoyancy helps the execution of the exercises without burdening the joints. The abdominals are essential for the correct execution of all the positions during all exercises and grips, even in isometric hold. The muscles of the legs and arms are involved during all the workouts and dynamic exercises.
Acquapole® Fitness involves 20 grips and more than 150 exercises! Many of these are achievable with the aquatic tool Acquapole® – The POLE; but even more exercises are possible using three accessories that provide just as much training and fun: Acquapole® Boxing Bag, T-Traction and Elastic Pole!

Who can use the Acquapole®?

Anyone can do Acquapole® Fitness: sporty and non-sporty, young and old, men and women, oversized and thin! This is because Acquapole® is well suited to any training program: intensive, toning, rehabilitative, etc.

It is simple, versatile and suitable for everyone!

Benefits of the Acquapole® products

Strengthen your core muscles

Tone the trunk, abdomen and shoulders

Improve your osteoarticular flexibility

Increase your cardiovascular capacities

Improve stamina, agility and coordination

Get more Power!