Aquabike - Underwater Spinning Bike

The Aquabikes are unique aquatic stationary bikes made of the best marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof), that allows the users to pedal while being immersed in the water and taking advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment: resistance, buoyancy, water density and hydrostatic pressure. The Aquabikes are 100% made in Italy. The Aquabikes are very popular for private homes and condominiums, aquatic complexes, recreation clubs and aqua physio rehabilitation centers.

What is AquaBiking/AquaSpinning?

AquaBiking, also called AquaSpinning or AquaCycling, is the new trendy fitness workout coming from Europe!

By using the Hydrorider AquaBike in your swimming pool, you perform a wide range of exercises in water. Climb, lift, sprint, surge, cool down, pedal back, move your arms, go behind or out of the bike, or stretch while getting benefits from the resistance and massage of water. The cooling effect of water also reduces the discomfort of sweating whilst reducing pressure on the heart, and the buoyancy of the water gives support around the joints. There is no one best way to get fit, lose weight and eliminate cellulite!

Who can use the Hydrorider Aquabike?

The AquaBike is the ideal workout for everyone: adults regardless the fitness level and age, athletes, pregnant women, people in rehabilitation programmes, obese people, etc.

Benefits of cycling under water

Shape your body: refine your legs, sculpt your buttocks and abdominal muscles

Improves cardiovascular endurance and increase breathing capacity

Lose weight and burn calories much faster: up to 800 calories per hour

Reduce dramatically cellulite and improve your skin tone

Improve blood circulation and venous return

Aid in reducing joint pain and improve flexibility