Hydrorider Diamond AquaJump

The Hydrorider Diamond AquaJump is a professional trampoline produced with excellent materials, starting from the 316L stainless steel frame, and with an innovating design specifically conceived for pool facilities.
This equipment allows you to enjoy the multiple benefits of water exercise, combined with coordination and fun: reduced stress, muscle relaxation, blood flow stimulation, and water massage.
Thanks to these advantages you can get great results in terms of physical training, weight loss, body balance, tonification and rehabilitation.

What is AquaJump?

All around the world this is the latest aqua fitness craze!
Jump into the pool and have a blast with the underwater trampoline workout.
The water trampoline is a totally different sensation from on-land trampoline. Your are constantly fighting against water resistance and getting the benefits of the water buoyancy. The aquatic fitness trampoline is built to absorb the pressure of your body as you push down but water resistance makes it very hard to jump high. Aquajump is a very fun but intensive cardio workout!
The underwater trampoline, qualitatively of very high-value, can be used in many ways in combination with training aids (for example Thera-bands, weights, sticks, dumbbells, pool-noodles) or as an aquatic stepper.

Who can use the Hydrorider Diamond AquaJump?

The underwater trampoline can be used for training, therapy and game fun. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Benefits of AquaJumping

Strengthen the muscles around the ankle, knees, hips, and lower back

Improves blood circulation

Develops and improves cardio-respiratory capacity

Helps burn calories and fights excess weight

Helps flush toxins, fights water retention

Restores joint flexibility