Hydrorider AquaTreadmill

Have you ever dream of walking and running with no impact on your body and no injury?
Hydrorider AquaTreadmills have made this possible with their underwater treadmills!
Hydrorider AquaTreadmills have been created to introduce aquatic running and walking into your facilities with the design and quality that distinguish Hydrorider products. The AquaTreadmills are fully manufactured in Italy and are made out of marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof).

What is AquaRunning?

Walking and running in water…it’s zero impact and an extremely low risk of injury! Running in water generates benefits of classic running activity and eliminates this shock impact, improves body balance and blood circulation. You are immersed half way up your chest in the pool, you explore different exercise combinations. You have to actively move the legs exerting a force / movement toward the back against the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rolls, and again back to the front then starting a new step with the other leg. Aqua running is also a terrific cross training for all sports and an excellent way to deal with or prevent injuries. Water running helps an injured athlete to recover without losing his fitness level.

Who can use the Hydrorider AquaTreadmill?

The AquaTreadmill is the ideal workout for everyone: adults regardless the fitness level and age, athletes, pregnant women, people in rehabilitation programmes, obese people, etc.

Benefits of running under water

Get all the benefits of a classic running training with zero shock and no impact on the joints

Tone your legs, sculpt your buttocks and strengthen your abdominal muscles

Strengthen your core muscles and improve body balance, mobility and flexibility

Lose weight and burn calories much faster: up to 700 calories per hours

Improve blood circulation and venous return

Improve power and sports performance