Floating Aquatic Fitness Mat

The Floating Aquatic Fitness Mat, AquaFitMat, is made of high quality Nylon Reinforced PVC and finished with double layer drop-stitch technology. Users can use the floating mat for pilates or yoga on water, while taking advantage of the instability of working out on water to further enhance and improve balance and coordination. The floating yoga mat is especially popular for aquatic complexes and recreation clubs. It can also be used private homes for individual workout.

What is Fitness on Water?

Fitness on Water is an uprising trend originating from Europe! Inspired by yoga, pilates and fitness, Fitness on Water is a new activity  to be done on a floating AQUAFITMAT. This new activity can be done in a swimming pool (indoor or outdoor), even on a lake or the sea. The continual movement of water makes work your core and balance intensively! During a session, you are not only strengthening your core and improving your postural work but you are working your whole body and enhancing your cardio. Strengthen you balance and your spirit with new sensations!

Who can use the Floating Yoga Mat, AquaFitMat?

AquaFitMat serves as a great workout for everyone: adults regardless the fitness level and age.

Benefits of the Velaqua

Strengthen and tone your upper body, legs, core, and arms

Challenge your balance

Improve your flexibility

Enhance your cardio capacities

Burn calories with the HIIT programme

Have a lot of fun