Hydrorider® AquaBiking Certification

Hydrorider® AquaBiking Instructor Certification Course

Be Aqua conducts the Hydrorider® AquaBiking Certification Course for fitness instructors in South Est Asia.

Join us and be the first trainers to get the recognized Hydrorider® Certification in South East Asia!

What is the Hydrorider® AquaBiking Instructor Certification?

The Hydrorider® AquaBiking Certification Course is a specific training program for fitness instructors conducted around the world. The certification training programmes are conducted in many countries such as United States, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Finland, Portugal, etc.

The Hydrorider® AquaBiking course is designed to learn to design and conduct safe and effective AquaBiking / AquaSpinning classes in the pool.

Upon successful completion of the course and examination, the Hydrorider® international certificate will be issued.

What are the key outlines of the Hydrorider® AquaBiking Certification Course?

  • How to set safely and effectively bikes into a pool
  • Properties of water and its practical application specific to cycling in water
  • Techniques and exercises conducted with the Hydrorider® equipment
  • Design of an AquaBiking / Aqua Spinning class and
    monitoring of the training intensity and participant levels
  • Music and didactic for Aqua Cycling class
  • Lessons for different typologies of participants (seniors, athletes, rehabilitation…)
  • Aqua Bootcamp and Cross Training using the Aquabike
  • and much more!

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Recognized fitness certification(FISAF, ACE, SSC,..)


Hydrorider® Asia Master Trainer:

Nikhil Abraham
Nik is the Asia Hydrorider® Master Trainer. Nik is ranked as one of Singapore’s top trainer today. In addition to numerous accredited professional Fitness Certifications, Nik is also a FISAF examiner, Cross Core Master Trainer and M.E.T Faculty Member for South East Asia. He regularly attends and participates in international fitness conventions all over the world such as the IDEA World Fitness Convention in USA and the Asia Fitness Convention in Bangkok to keep abreast of current research and ideas.