Gain competitive advantage with innovative aqua fitness equipment in your pool.

Wellness and spa services are strong differentiators in your competitive market. All the prestigious hotels and spas have already invested in fully-equipped gyms but clients ask for new and innovative services and infrastructure.

The new aqua fitness services and equipment are a great way to maximize the enjoyment of your guest stay and create a new experience in your facilities. Your clients appreciate the opportunity to try new facilities that they don’t have at home and are excited by aqua fitness classes.

Your clients will also enjoy having aqua fitness equipment directly in the swimming pool. Indeed, most of them travel only with a swimsuit in their luggage – much easier to take than the complete sportswear.

The launch of these new aqua fitness facilities and services is also the opportunity to launch a successful press release and invite special guests. Press and Magazine love to talk about it!

Last but not least…protect your guests anywhere around the pool. 88% of kids who drown do so under adult supervision. Add an extra layer of protection with our drowning prevention system.

These new facilities will create a word of mouth for your hotel in South East Asia. You attract new clients, reinforce guest satisfaction and increase client loyalty!

Our Solutions

Customized Solutions
Whether you would like to create a free-access aqua fitness corner in your swimming pool, enlarge your spa offer or conduct group training sessions, Be Aqua works with you to define the best solution for your hotel. Based on your requirements, context, and a realistic business case, we help you to generate new sources of revenues while creating a positive impact on your customer attraction and retention.

Unique and Most Reliable Aqua Gym Equipment
We offer a large range of aqua gym products. Most of them are unique in the market as we are exclusive distributor. Our aqua gym products are the most reliable in a long term and are made for a daily intensive use. No worries about the maintenance…it requires low to no maintenance! The products are safe and stable to be used without specific heavy installation and it can be used in any type of swimming pool.

Train Your Trainers
With the “Train the Trainer” program provided by Be Aqua, you put great emphasis on growing and developing your team of instructors to deliver high quality aqua classes in your facilities. Be Aqua delivers the international Hydrorider and Acquapole certifications and conduct specific aqua fitness training courses based on your needs.

Find the best Certified Aqua Instructors
If you want to hire external trainers, we provide you the list of the certified instructors trained and certified by our international certifications. We support you to find the best trainer profiles (certification, experience, profile, etc.).

Drowning Prevention System to protect the kids
Protect the kids anywhere around water. We are all about keeping swimming fun for everybody! The drowning prevention system alerts
parents and lifeguards with strobes and alarms if a swimmer is submerged too long.

Marketing & Communication Support
We offer marketing and communication support to help you to promote your facilities and new aqua fitness classes in a more engaging way and create a new exciting event at your hotel or cruise.