Get effective recovery results in your hydrotherapy treatments.

Medical treatments in water are used in many medical centres including hospitals, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres. The properties of water – such as buoyancy of water, hydrostatic pressure or viscosity – are used for their multiple health and healing effects on the patients.

Treatment in water enables to perform activities that you may be unable to do on dry land due to pain, weakness and instability. It achieves effects like pain relief, increases joint range and muscles strength, enhances body balance, improves fitness and endurance level, helps to recover from injuries.

Medical centres look for new techniques and equipment to develop new efficient medical programs for their patients that ensure quick recovery, fast pain relief and back to fitness performance.

By combining the properties of water with specific aqua fitness equipment, you enable all your patients to benefit of great health results. You have the opportunity to enlarge the range of your treatments and offer the most appropriate program to your patients.

Our Solutions

Certified Medical Aquatic Equipment
Our aquatic equipment is designed to be used in medical and physiotherapy treatments. The products comply with the requirements of the Directive CE 93/42.

Medical Research and Experience
Our aquatic products and programmes have been developed based on medical studies and client experiences. Based on the outcomes and your requirements, we will recommend you the best products and share the best practices.

Our Products can used by Specific Population and Multiple Treatments
Our aquatic equipment can be utilized by specific populations with limitations due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, previous injury, obesity or those who need to improve endurance and fitness performance. The equipment is user-friendly and fits with all patient’s condition. It is adjustable vertically and horizontally. It is easy to install and take it out the swimming pool after the treatment classes, and store it on the deck.

Train Your Team
With the training program provided by Be Aqua, you put great emphasis on growing and developing your team to safely and effectively use the equipment. We train you on the different programmes and different types of exercises that can be included in your medical programs.

Find the best Certified Instructors
If you want to hire external trainers, we provide you the list of the certified instructors trained and certified by our international certifications. We support you to find the best trainer profiles (certification, experience, profile, etc.).