Prepare your soldiers with intensive and low-impact training programmes in water.

Today armies are faced with increasing challenges in operations.Water has become a key operating area with demanding conditions.Being trained in water conditions is key to best prepare recruits for eventual deployment into the combat zone.

Training in water environment creates new type of physical challenges. Soldiers are faced with the resistance and the buoyancy effect of water – it requires endurance, strength and fitness level.

Enlarge your cross training programs by including aquatic workout.Recruits and soldiers can work harder while avoiding impact on the joints and muscles stress. It can also be part of a rehabilitation program for injured people.

Make your soldiers surpass themselves in water to get better results!

Our Solutions

High Quality Professional Aqua Fitness Equipment
Be Aqua offers the most resistant and reliable aqua fitness equipment suitable for intensive training sessions. Our equipment meets military standards and are built to withstand repeated use by staffs and soldiers. Our aqua gym products have been designed to support daily intensive training sessions over 8 to 10 years.

No Specific Installation Required
The products can easily be put in and out of the pool or can be left full time in water. The products are safe and stable to be used without specific heavy installation and it can be used in any type of swimming pool.

Multi use equipment
Our aqua gym equipment ca be used to develop strength and cardio capacities but it is also a great way to prepare recruits and soldiers to be challenged in the aquatic environment. Finally, aquatic exercise is also very efficient way to recover from intensive training sessions or injuries.

Train Your coaches
With the “Train the Trainer” program provided by Be Aqua, you put great emphasis on growing and developing coaches to deliver efficient aquatic training programmes. Based on specific needs – cardio capacities enhancement, muscle strength, recovery, etc. – we will work with you to train your coaches and designed customized training programmes.