Offer exciting aqua fitness programmes and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity is a core component of the healthy lifestyle and state of wellbeing. Nevertheless the low physical activity and sedentary trends of the residents encourage governments and public institutions to develop multiple programs to promote lifestyle physical activities while offering a wide range of sport facilities and classes at attractive prices and open to all.

Enlarging your fitness programs with new aqua fitness sessions is a great opportunity to create a new efficient and attractive training classes in your exciting swimming pools. Exercise in water is one of the most efficient way of making physical activity with positive impact on health and no negative impact on the body. The classes are suitable with all ages and fitness levels.

These innovative aqua fitness workout are still quite new in South East Asia. It will appeal to new participants and it will spread by word of mouth. The fun and exciting classes with great results and no sweat will encourage them to continue the training programs in a long term. These new aqua fitness activities are also the opportunity to offer new aquatic workout for those who can’t swim.

Last but not least…protect your guests anywhere around the pool. 88% of kids who drown do so under adult supervision. Add an extra layer of protection with our
drowning prevention system.

Our Solutions

Aqua Fitness Programme Design
We help you to design the most attractive and efficient aqua training programmes based on our experience and equipment. We advise you on how to make it evolve and adapt it to the different types of populations (active, seniors, athletes, etc).

High Quality Professional Aqua Fitness Equipment
Be Aqua offers the most resistant and reliable aqua fitness equipment – suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Our aqua gym products have been designed to support daily intensive training sessions over 8 to 10 years. Our products are used by fitness clubs around the world, every day.

Train Your Trainers
With the “Train the Trainer” program provided by Be Aqua, you put great emphasis on growing and developing your team of instructors to deliver high quality aqua classes in your club. Be Aqua delivers the international Hydrorider and Acquapole certifications and conduct specific aqua fitness training courses based on your needs.

Find the best Certified Aqua Instructors
If you want to hire external trainers, we provide you the list of the certified instructors trained and certified by our international certifications. We support you to find the best trainer profiles (certification, experience, profile, etc.).

Drowning Prevention System to protect the kids
Protect the kids anywhere around water. We are all about keeping swimming fun for everybody! The drowning prevention system alerts parents and lifeguards with strobes and alarms if a swimmer is submerged too long.

Marketing & Communication Support
We offer marketing and communication support to help you to promote your facilities and new aqua fitness classes in a more engaging way and create a new exciting event at your swimming complex.