Private Home Solutions

Enjoy the best way to get fit in your swimming pool and ensure a safe environment for your kids.

In your busy life it is difficult to find the best time to go to the fitness centre to exercise. Your pool will be your new fitness room! Continue improving your  swimming technique with our swim coach devices.

Is your swimming pool too small to effectively swim? Aqua fitness equipment is the opportunity to maximize the use of your swimming pool by creating an aqua fitness corner. You can now benefit from a new type of exercise at home.  Purchasing high-quality aqua gym equipment enables you to enjoy the best fitness facilities in your own swimming pool…you can exercise at the most convenient time for you.

There is no one best way to get fit by combining the impressive properties of water with AquaBikes or AquaTreadmills. Exercise in water is much more efficient than on-land exercise – you will see visible results in few weeks with no joint or muscle stress.

Last but not least…protect your family anywhere around the pool. 88% of kids who drown do so under adult supervision. Add an extra layer of protection with our drowning prevention system.

Our Solutions

Aqua fitness corner in your swimming pool
Our aqua gym products are designed to easily be removed from the pool or stay full time in water if you are planning to create an aqua fitness corner in your pool. We support you in the selection of the most appropriate equipment to create your aqua fitness area in your swimming pool.

Most Reliable Aqua Gym Equipment with low to no maintenance
Our aqua gym products are the most reliable in a long term and are made for a daily intensive use. No worries about the maintenance…it requires low to no maintenance! The products are safe and stable to be used without specific heavy installation and it can be used in any type of swimming pool.

Swim Coach Connected Device
Improve your swimming technique with our device that corrects your stroke instantaneously with sophisticated sounds.

Drowning Prevention System to protect your kids
Protect your kids anywhere around water. We are all about keeping swimming fun for everybody! Our Drowning Prevention System is a system with sirens and strobes on hub and wearable bands when a swimmer is in distress.