Acquapole® – Boxing Bag


Acquapole® – Boxing Bag is the optimum energy-fostering training programme for the whole body: Kicks, punches, jump and varied boxing techniques strengthen the stomach, legs and bottom. Stamina, coordination, agility and elegance of movement, as well as command of the body are particularly trained.

Acquapole® – Boxing Bag  offers an excellent endurance workout specifically designed to shape and tone your body without straining your muscles and joints. Be ready to fight against the high resistance of the water!

Why to choose Acquapole® – Boxing Bag?

  • This is a BOXING BAG to slide onto the Acquapole® POLE
  • Simple and easy locking and assembly system
  • Made of materials that do not deteriorate
  • Explosive workout: Men love it!
  • Low Cost



Easy to handle equipment
Simple and easy locking and assembly system. You need less than 1 minute to slide the Boxing Bag on the Pole.

Easy to store
At the end of the class, it is disassembled and the storage space required is reduced.


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