Acquapole® – The Pole


By using a vertical pole and the water as resistance you will increase your core and entire body strength! You will build better muscle tone, become more flexible, and improve your endurance and your overall health and wellness! All types of users and any age can benefit.

The pole is used for exciting Acquapole® classes in the pool but it is also a great equipment for swimming, synchronized swimming or water polo training programmes.

Acquapole® is an innovative tool designed for aquatic fitness composed of a POLE and a BASE that anchors to any type of pool, thanks to the specific SUCTION CAPS.

Why to choose Acquapole®?

  • Offer a dynamic, exciting and efficient workout for any type of user
  • Multi-gym equipment: add the aquatic boxing bag to enjoy AquaBoxing workout, the T-traction to focus on your shoulders or hang your resistance bands to start your aquatic TRX suspension training
  • Low investment with quick ROI



The pole
The pole has a height varying from 2 to 2.5 m depending on the needs of your pool.

A very stable base
The platform is extremely stable allowing multiple hanging positions. The suctioned base allows the positioning of the Acquapole on any surface.

Easy to handle equipment
The Acquapole® has an easy-to-manage weight for moving and positioning in the water.

The equipment can be set up in 2 minutes and accessories can be added in less than a minute. The Acquapole is very easy to put in and out of the pool and be moved on the deck.

Easy to store
The Base and the Pole are very easy to disassemble. The two parts can be stored in a special rack.