Elly Elliptical

The ELLY elliptical is complete training apparatus that is very easy to use, combining the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepping and cycling. This robust aquatic stationary elliptical is made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof), that allows the users to train and strengthen their core, lower body, and upper body muscles while being immersed in the water.

This Aquatic Crosstrainer is great for general fitness workout, athlete trainings and rehabilitation programmes.

Why to choose Elly Elliptical?

  • 3 year warranty for metal structure, 6 months for wear parts
  • Oscillating lever arms with perforated blades to maximise resistance
  • Fluidity of movement achieved through waterproof ball bearing rollers
  • Angle of incline of the pedals that allows optimum working of the legs
  • Made for professionals and private individuals
  • Low to no maintenance and resistant in the long term



Double sided perforated handle-levers

The Aquatic Elliptical has double sided perforated handle-levers. These holes help to create resistance while the user works out, whilst ensuring that movement is not obstructed or blocked as water can flow through smoothly.

Watertight bearings and inclination angle of pedals

The watertight bearings and inclination angle of the pedals allow for fluidity of movement and optimum leg work whilst exercising in water using the aquatic elliptical. Pedals are Wide PVC pedals that can be used barefoot.

Rubberised Handlebars

The handlebars of the aquatic elliptical are rubberised, ensuring a non-slip grip for its users.

Mounted central handlebars and handle levers

The central handlebars and handle levers are fixed in position, while the outer handlebars and handle levers move while the user is working out on the aquatic elliptical. This allows the user two upright positions, giving him or her the choice of increasing workout intensity by adding upper body movements into his or her exercise routine.

White anti-scratch suction pads

Anti-scratch suction pads ensure that the equipment is stable while the user works out, and that there is better floor adhesion and protection. Safe on all types of pool floors, ceramic, mosaic, PVC.



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