Aqquatix Moon Walker

Aqquatix Moon Walker is a Multifunctional equipment (patented), allows simultaneous training of legs and arms. Reproduces a form of walking or running in “antigravity”, a movement inspired by Nordic Walking. Also effective in the use of only the upper limbs, which may accompany the movement of the legs or be active in the effort.

This Aquatic Moon Walker is a practical underwater moon walker made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof), that is easy to use easy to handle and easy to store

Why to choose the Aqquatix Moon Walker?

  • 2 year warranty
  • Full body workout in one product
  • Ideal for training and functional recovery
  • Simple adjustment of loads for different workout intensities
  • SuVery stable and safe for the user
  • Easily to move into and out of the pool
  • Low to no maintenance and resistant in the long term
  • Made for professionals and private individuals



“Guided” Walking Simulation

The Aquatic Moonwalker provides a sort of guided walking simulation that is ideal for training and functional recovery. This function is also perfect for groups like the elderly and expectant mothers who require more stability and less vigour while working out.

Simple Adjustment of Loads

By having a simple adjustment system, users can easily vary their intensity of workout to suit their needs.

Grips on Handlebars

The rubber grips on the handlebars of the aquatic moonwalker allows users to utilise it as levers for arm exercises. It also ensures the stability of a user while using the equipment.

Suction Cups

Bases are suction cups to provide maximum stability and safety for the user. This also makes it safe on all types of pool floors, ceramic, mosaic, PVC.

Rubber Anti-Scratch Wheels

The rubber anti-scratch wheels allow the equipment to be easily lowered and removed from the pool without scratching the pool floor.


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