Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional


Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional has been designed for professional use and engineered to resist to the hardest solicitations that professional fitness/sport equipment have to bear during their life time. This underwater treadmill has a robust and steady structure that allows intensive trainings.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional is not a basic aquatic treadmill. It is a multi-gym equipment with a platform adjustable at 3 levels of inclination. The platform is used to walk, run, cross-skiing and stepper exercises. The large handlebar helps to workout and strengthen the upper body: abdominals, shoulders, arms, etc.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional is ideal for all facilities with a pool: fitness centers, hotels, condominiums, spa centres, medical facilities, and private pools…

Why to choose Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional?

  • 2 year warranty
  • Robust and steady structure with large handlebar for upper body workout
  • Innovative system with 308 rolls: walk, run and do multiple exercises
  • Adjustable inclination at three levels
  • Shock Absorbing Running Platform
  • No specific installation needed
  • Reliable and resistant in the long term with low to no maintenance



308 rolls system
Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional is made of 308 rolls that are rotating over flexible shock absorbing supports. There is neither mechanic resistance nor motor moving the rolls. The user has to move actively the legs impressing a force/movement toward the back contrasting the water resistance while the foot is sliding over the rolls, and again back to the front then starting a new step with the other leg.

The users don’t have to follow a mechanically activated treadmill, but can freely move their own legs, walking and running, while sliding on the rollers and contrasting the resistance of the water. You get the most efficient way to get the benefits of the resistance and power of water.

Shock Absorbing Platform
The Shock Absorbing Running Platform guarantees an optimal fluency, and a stress free workout, also carries out an effective massage to the soles, activate the peripheral circulation stimulating the nerve endings. The buoyancy property allows the user to walk and run providing a stress free training for the joints avoiding the traumas caused by walking and running on land.

The platform has an adjustable inclination at three levels to increase and decrease the level of difficulty.

Robust Handlebar
The handlebar has been designed to be used for upper body exercises. The structure is very robust.

Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Professional can be stored or left on the deck or in the water.


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