You Will See the Pool Differently!

We see the pool differently these days. All these new aqua fitness equipment and swimming pool connected devices have created new opportunities. The pool is not only the place where we swim and relax but it is today one of the best environment to conduct your regular workout, push your performance to the next level and recover.
Be Aqua has tested and selected the best products that will make you enjoy your pool differently!
Most of our high-quality products are designed and made in Europe or US. They have been tested and approved by a large range of consumers worldwide.

We are proud to be the distributor of the following brands:

Hydrorider® is the leading brand in the aqua fitness industry with their best seller: Aquabike Professional. In addition to a 16-year track record in the aqua fitness industry around the world, the Hydrorider products are recognized for their effective results, long-term resistance and attractive design. Their products are fully manufactured in Italy.


Acquapole® started its activity in Italy in 2011, on the basis of the broad consensus by the public and the press obtained at the first launch of the innovative aquatic piece of equipment and its revolutionary training method. Today these 100% Made in Italy products are getting very popular in the aqua fitness industry.


The company Waterflex is part of the Group Poolstar founded in 2006 in France and specialized in products and services around the pool and well-being. Poolstar aims to innovate to provide the best products at increasingly competitive prices. Firmly believing that quality is compatible with a competitive price, Waterflex specifically engages with various players in the industry to achieve unswerving reliability. All WATERFLEX products are compliant with European standard 2001/95 CE regarding general product safety.


Aqquatix started in 2006, with the ideas and competence of people with more than 30 years of technical, sport, cultural and entrepreneurial experience in the pool sector. Aqquatix is an Italian company which manufactures products made with top class materials. Their vision is the interpretation of water as a lifestyle and essential context for every individual (active or inactive): wellness, health, prevention and recreation. Today Aqquatix is selling in 68 countries.


Velaqua was created by Yves Coffournic after a serious motorcycle accident. This French company has developed a new floating aqua fitness equipment that offers many different workout opportunities mixing the benefits of aquabike, aqua gym and aqua pilates. The Velaqua trainer is also very popular in hotels and resorts as it is a very fun aquatic product.


Aquastrength is an innovative New Zealand based company that draws on cutting edge research to deliver a world class functional fitness system that equips users with everything they need to improve strength, balance, mobility, sports performance and injury recovery. Aquastrength CEO, Troy Elliott says “our equipment and training programs are suitable for all ages and fitness levels and can be tailored to the individual depending on their goals.”


The American founder Tad has been an international master presenter of aquatic instruction techniques and methodology along with designing and patenting aquatic drag resistance systems for over 20 years translating into 9 issued utility patents. AquaLogix fitness systems has captured the attention of numerous sports performance enhancement specialist, coaches, PhD’s, branches of the military and extreme athletes around the world.


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Turn your pool into a fitness centre! Find the best aqua fitness products to upsize your workout, improve your performance, lose weight faster or recover better.