Velaqua is the first pedal-free floating aquabike that allows you to workout your full body. A sample pedaling system allows you to move forward and backward and enjoy the benefits of the Aquabike. You can also use this floating platform to perform aqua pilates workout. Velaqua is also an amazing recreational aquatic equipment for all the family.
Velaqua can be used in any type of pool and in the sea. The Velaqua is 100% made in France.

What is Velaqua?

A new concept is born … a happy and harmonious union of aquabiking and aquagym: “Velaqua’gym”, elaborated by coaches coming from these two disciplines.

The Velaqua can be used:

  • Aquagym / Aquabiking / Aqua Pilates
  • Fitness
  • Rehabilitation in medical and paramedical sectors
  • Team water sport
  • Recreational aquatic games

Who can use the Velaqua?

The Velaqua is the ideal workout for everyone: adults regardless the fitness level and age, athletes, pregnant women, people in rehabilitation programme, obese people, etc.

Benefits of the Velaqua

Allows the work of all muscle groups: muscular strengthening

No muscle spasms or joint impacts

Improves blood circulation

Develops and improves cardio-respiratory capacity

Helps burn calories and fights excess weight

Helps flush toxins, fights water retention

Helps fight cellulite

Restores joint flexibility

Allows pregnant women to safely stretch and relax